Octane Studio Tools


About the kit

Octane Studio Tools is a lighting kit for the Cinema 4D integrated Octane plugin that aims to ease your real time lighting process and provide pre-built light setups and HDRI textures for product and studio renders!, now updated on gumroad for octane v3.06.

This is an essential startup kit for new users who are just getting into octane for Cinema 4D. And for advanced users , it's nice collection to enhance your lighting and xpresso skills!

What's included? 

  • New Octane spot light rig with viewport feedback.
  • New easy to use Softbox rig with a texture option.
  • 19 pre-built setups (c4d scene files) ready to render.
  • An infinite Studio Setup.
  • 12 6K HDR Textures for instant lighting.
  • An updated Softbox light rig with a new texture option.
  • HDRI sky helper with viewport feedback.
  • Octane sun and sky helper.
  • 14 Stage Sets to build your own Studio Setup.

Works with Cinema 4D R16+ , octane v3.06 on Windows or MacOS


This kit will return at some point , there is a new upgraded kit available at http://josefbsharah.net/studio-tools-pro

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Octane Studio Tools